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     iWinDesigns is a new web development company for the new millennium. Our mission is to provide our clients with 3 essential steps that all websites required. We believe in functionality, quality and visually appealing designs. Our secondary mission to you as our new or existing client is to provide award winning customer service.


     Our approach to the business of creating websites for our clients is fundamentally sound. Our goals and commitment to you as a client will help identify your needs to get your business on the web for growth and prosperity.


     What you can expect from iWinDesigns? We believe using the tools of the trade to develop your website. The first key component is your ideas of what you are looking for to start the building foundation of your future website. This requires a consolation visit by one of our web consultants. If you are wondering why we need to meet, itís very simple, our ideas and your ideas of what the finish product are may differ. We are here to take your ideas and create a working replica of what you envisioned. We will set clear expectations of how we can service your needs. We strongly believe and require our developers to code professionally without the aid of 3rd party web tools such as Front Page, Home Site, and Dream Weaver, but rather true developing environments such as MS Visual Interdev.


     Why choose iWinDesigns? Our dedication to you as a client goes further than just our consultation. We not only want to build your next website, but we want to build a foundation of success with you. All our websites are 100% crafted for your business and with your needs in mind. With touch of a few keystrokes you can be on the web searching for several web design services and each one of those services will provide you with their own style. What we will bring to you, as the client is our dedication and commitment.


     iWinDesigns web development experience? With technology ever changing we believe in using the latest tools available to create a new site from the ground up or a reconstruction of an existing account. We provide project management services to show detailed site layouts and timeline of website layout. Our application experience consist of the following:

ADO 2.6SQL 2000ACCESS2000

     iWinDesigns realizes that first impressions do really count. This is why when making a decision for your companyís web site it is vitally important to remember that building your website is more than just having a page with a few images on it. The World Wide Web will open the door for your business and your prospective customers. Your customer can now have the ability to interact with you at their conveniences and by opening this door, you as a business owner need to insure that your site is navigationally sound. At iWinDesigns we also consider a few other key points that you as a customer should consider.

  • Does my site have value and is the user interface pleasing to the viewer?
  • Do you feel your current web site isnít meeting your expectations and goals?

         As a business owner, can you afford not to be on the web? By not being on the web you are loosing a portion of potential sales and markets share to your competitor. Itís time for you to reach those potential market shares and customer base from being on the web. Take advantage of the Internet and its power to your business. iWinDesigns here is to support your transition to the web.


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